What Are The Different Weight Classes In Boxing?

What Are The Different Weight Classes In Boxing?

Boxing is a sport where you can be forgiven for not understanding the true depth. After all, there are 17 different weight classes across men's and women's boxing combined. While this may confuse some, there are so many different weight classes for a reason. 

In sports such as the UFC which has far fewer weight classes and bigger gaps between weights, fighters can suck themselves down to make the weight. This means that you have bigger fighters, who should potentially be in a higher weight class, cutting a huge amount of weight before weigh-ins which they then put back on come fight night. This can often give them a size advantage over their opponent. 

Boxing's vast amount of weight classes helps to avoid this and ensures that fighters are normally much closer in weight. While this is not always the case with some fighters fighting between numerous weight classes, most boxers will have their natural weight class that they stick to. 

In this article, we will look at all 17 of the boxing weight classes (from heaviest to lightest), their weights, and the most notable fighters from those particular weight classes. 

Boxing Weight Classes 

Heavyweight Division 

Weight Limit: Unlimited

Notable Fighters: Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, Oleksandr Usyk

The heavyweight division has for a long time been the most glamorised division in boxing. The heavy hands and unpredictability of heavyweight boxing have provided the sport with some of the most memorable fights of all time. 

There is no weight limit to the heavyweight division at all. Any fighter over 200 lbs is classed as a heavyweight and we have seen fighters weigh in as heavy as 373 lbs. Because of these huge weights, this division has always and will always be the most exciting and beloved division in boxing. 

Cruiserweight Division 

Weight Limit: 200 lbs

Notable Fighters: Lawrence Okolie, Chris Billam Smith, Ilunga Makabu

Cruiserweight is one step down from heavyweight and has a weight range of 175 lbs to 200 lbs. While not as big as the heavyweight, cruiserweight fighters are all very large and therefore very dangerous. Just like in the heavyweight division, anyone can be knocked out by anyone at any time. That truly is what makes this division so exciting. 

It is not uncommon to see cruiserweight fighters move up to heavyweight after succeeding in the division. Fighters such as Roy Jones Jr, Evander Holyfield and even current unified heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk went on to pick up heavyweight titles after their cruiserweight reign. 

Light Heavyweight Division 

Weight Limit: 175 lbs

Notable Fighters: Dmitry Bivol, Artur Beterbiev, Joshua Buatsi

The light heavyweight division has always been jam-packed with phenomenal talent and dangerous contenders. The division has a weight range of 168 lbs - 175 lbs and is full of hard-hitting and illusive fighters that consistently put on fights that draw the attention of the boxing world. 

Similarly to the cruiserweight, it is very common to see light heavyweight fighters eventually move up the divisions towards the heavyweights. Heavyweight phenoms such as Evander Holyfield, Micheal Spinks, Roy Jones Jr, and many more all fought a portion of their careers at light heavyweight. 

Super Middleweight Division 

Weight Limit: 168 lbs

Notable Fighters: Canelo Alvarez, Caleb Plant, David Benavidez

The super middleweight division was first known as the junior light heavyweight division. Between the years of 1960-1967, the division was brought in to bridge the gap between middleweight and light heavyweights. However, soon after the division would be changed to what it is known as today, super middleweight. 

Today this division is filled with some of the most talented fighters in boxing who are continuously going head to head to determine which reigns supreme. All 4 of the belts are currently held by Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez who has time after time proven to be at the top of the division. 

Middleweight Division

Weight Limit: 160 lbs

Notable Fighters: Gennady Golovkin, Carlos Adames, Chris Eubank Jr.

The middleweight division is for fighters who are between the weights of 154 lbs and 160 lbs. The division is one of the oldest in the sport and has continuously produced phenomenal world champions such as Bernard Hopkins, Marvin Hagler, Sugar Ray Robinson, and so many more. Still to this day, the division is producing the best champions and the best fights. 

Junior Middleweight Division

Weight Limit: 154 lbs

Notable Fighters: Jermell Charlo, Liam Smith, Brian Castaño

The junior middleweight division has been around since 1962 when the division was created for a world championship belt by the Australian Board of Control. Today, the division is home to some of the most incredible champions and fights. American superstar Jermell Charlo currently holds 3 of the 4 belts with Tim Tszyu holding the WBO.

Welterweight Division

Weight Limit: 147 lbs

Notable Fighters: Terence Crawford, Errol Spence Jr, Jaron Ennis

The welterweight division is one of the most talked about divisions in boxing currently. The division was originally started as a bridging division between the lightweight and middleweight divisions. All 4 belts have recently been contested by two of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world currently, Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr. The bout was won by Terence Crawford who put on a clinical performance before stopping Spence in the 9th. 

Junior Welterweight Division

Weight Limit: 140 lbs

Notable Fighters: Regis Prograis, Teofimo Lopez, Josh Taylor 

The junior welterweight division has a weight range of 135 lbs - 140 lbs. While these men are on the smaller side, they sure pack a punch. This division is home to some of the most competitive and anticipated fights in recent years with undisputed champions and former undisputed champions such as Regis Prograis, Teofimo Lopez, and Josh Taylor. The belts are currently shared between Prograis, Lopez, Rolly Romero and Subriel Matias. 

Lightweight Division

Weight Limit: 135 lbs

Notable Fighters: Vasiliy Lomachenko, Devin Haney, Gervonta Davis

Lightweight is one of the 8 oldest divisions in boxing and was crowned the very first Olympic champion back in 1904. The division is steeped in history and was championed by legends of the sport such as Roberto Duran, Floyd Mayweather and so many more. 

The division today is doing its history proud by being undoubtedly the second most entertaining and anticipated division in the sport, only behind the heavyweights. Today bright young stars such as Devin Haney, Ryan Garcia, Tank Davis and Vasiliy Lomachenko fight out for all four belts which are currently held by Devin Haney. 

Junior Lightweight Division

Weight Limit: 130 lbs

Notable Fighters: Oscar Valdez, Joe Cordina, Kenichi Ogawa

Formally known as the super featherweight division, the weight class was suspended in 1933 before returning to the sport in 1960. As a smaller division, fighters are often not as glorified and covered as the heavier fighters. However, these are some of the quickest and most skilled fighters in the sport. 

Featherweight Division

Weight Limit: 126 lbs

Notable Fighters: Josh Warrington, Leigh Wood, Mauricio Lara

This incredible division is indicative of smaller guys packing a huge punch. While these guys can weigh between 122 and 126 lbs, the division is incredibly exciting and a must-watch for all boxing fans. The skills, speed, IQ and power that these fighters hold truly are remarkable and the division is flying. 

Junior Featherweight Division

Weight Limit: 122 lbs

Notable Fighters: Naoya Inoue, Marlon Tapales, Stephen Fulton

Junior featherweight is one of the bridger divisions which is placed right in between the much more glamorous featherweight and bantamweight divisions. Despite this, the division is full of numerous highly skilled fighters. The division is currently topped by two amazing fighters Naoya Inoue and Marlon Tapales, with the two rumoured to be fighting for all 4 belts before the year is out. 

Bantamweight Division

Weight Limit: 118 lbs

Notable Fighters: Takuma Inoue, Jason Moloney, Alexandro Santiago

The bantamweight division's weight range is between 115 lbs and 118 lbs. The division was home to one of the most impressive Brazilian boxers in history, Eder Jofre. In around 80 professional bouts, the Brazilian bantamweight only suffered 2 losses. The division is still stacked with talented fighters such as Takuma Inoue, Jason Moloney and so many more. 

Junior Bantamweight Division

Weight Limit: 115 lbs

Notable Fighters: Junto Nakatani, Fernando Martinez, Kazuto Ioka

This is one of the newest divisions to be added to the sport after only joining the sport in 1980. The division was brought in to make the gap between flyweight and bantamweight slightly closer to allow for less ‘weight bullying’. The division today is very competitive with different champions across all 4 governing bodies. 

Flyweight Division

Weight Limit: 112 lbs

Notable Fighters: Jesse Rodriguez, Sunny Edwards, Artem Dalakian

This division was created as the very last of the original 8 weight classes and was meant to be as low as the classes went. This division is full of highly skilled and talented fighters such as Sunny Edwards, Jesse Rodriguez and so many more. 

Junior Flyweight Division

Weight Limit: 108 lbs

Notable Fighters: Jonathan Gonzalez, Sivenathi Nontshinga, Kenshiro Teraji

This division was originally brought in with a 99 lbs weight limit but was stopped and then brought back in the 1970s by the WBC. The division is home to some amazing talents such as Japanese fighters Kenshiro Teraji and Sivenathi Nontshinga as well as many more amazing fighters. 

Strawweight Division

Weight Limit: 105 lbs

Notable Fighters: Oscar Collazo, Daniel Valladares, Petchmanee CP Freshmart

This is one of the newer classes as it was brought in between 1987 and 1990 with the Ring Magazine only acknowledging it in 1997. It was first introduced into the Olympic games in 1968 but under the name of light flyweight.