Hook & Jab Pads

Hook and jab pads are popular in boxing. They can be used in a variety of different ways, making them perfect for practising attack techniques and defensive manoeuvres. Essential to any coach or boxers’ kit bag, they provide better speed, accuracy, and timing for a range of training combinations. The versatility they offer is why we stock such a huge selection here at Geezers Boxing. Whether you need Everlast pads or you want some classic leather boxing pads to choose from, you’ll find a great range for you here.

Hook & Jab Pads

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  1. Adidas Boxing Gloves & Focus Mitt Set
    As low as £39.99
  2. Adidas Leather Focus Boxing Mitt
    As low as £64.99
  3. Adidas Speed Mesh Focus Mitts
    As low as £34.99
  4. Everlast Elite Leather Punch Mitts
    As low as £99.99
  5. Everlast Mantis Leather Punch Mitts
    As low as £79.99 was £99.99
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    Everlast MX Mitts
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  7. Fly Air Mitts
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  8. Geezers Big Precision Curved Coaching Pads
    As low as £79.99
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    Geezers Elite Pro Curved Boxing Pads
    was £75.00 Special Price £59.99
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  10. Geezers Jumbo Curved Pads
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  11. Geezers Micro Precision Tech Coaching Pads
    As low as £55.99 was £69.99
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  • What is a hook and jab pad?
  • What do focus mitts help with?
  • Can you kick focus mitts?

What are the differences between boxing pads and jab pads?

There are many different types of boxing pads out there, and hook and jab pads are just one type. Boxing pads is the term used to refer to the range of pads available, but hook and jab pads are a specific kind. Sometimes called focus mitts or sparring pads, these pads really help you to focus in the ring and improve your speed.

As versatile boxing tools, focus pads are smaller than other types. This is because boxers will typically have a smaller target to hit, especially if your opponent is defending well. Using sparring pads gives you the opportunity to train more effectively, whether you are a novice or an expert. They make the perfect tool for working on your technique with single punches or trying out complex combinations.

As these pads can be used in a variety of different ways, they have become staples in many boxers’ kit bags. These boxing mitts are excellent for practising hooks and jabs, allowing you to get faster and punch harder each time.


Buy the best boxing pads in the UK

At Geezers Boxing, we are proud to be the leading online boxing equipment retailer in the UK. Our extensive range of boxing pads makes it easy to find the right equipment for you, no matter your budget. With prices starting from just £20, you can get high-quality hook and jab pads to improve your skills in the ring.

We stock the best brands, including Adidas focus pads and Title sparring mitts. Check out the range now and you will find the best boxing brands in the world to choose from.

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