Junior Punchbag Sets

Junior Punchbag Sets

For kids, boxing is an extremely popular sport to try. It teaches them valuable skills and gives them the opportunity to socialise at their boxing club. Getting the right equipment can help with that, and here at Geezers Boxing, we have a range of junior punchbag sets for you to choose from. These sets are great for those junior boxers just starting out and come with all of the necessary equipment you need. Get gloves, punchbags, and all of the fittings to start your boxing journey today.
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Junior punching bag and gloves in the UK

If you want to get your child into boxing, investing in the right equipment is vital. Our extensive range of junior punching bags are just what you need. Made from the same high-quality materials as their larger counterparts, these bags are durable but smaller in size, making them easier for children to use. With heavy punchbags and reflex bags available, your child will be able to work on a variety of skills in the ring.

Want to save money on the necessary equipment? Our junior punchbag sets can help. Each set comes with a punchbag, junior boxing gloves, and the fittings to secure your boxing bag in place. Your kid can start working on their punches in no time with the right protection to keep them save throughout the routine.

For those needing more punchbag brackets and fittings, we can help. We offer a number of different alternatives, so if you don’t have the ability to fix your punchbag to the ceiling, you can find stands instead. These stands are easy to move around and perfect for use at home and at your local boxing club or gym.


Punch bag sets for kids

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Looking for the best equipment for your kids boxing club? We can help. We have a number of deals for boxing clubs for you to take advantage of so you can get the vital equipment you need. Shop the range of gloves, headguards, handwraps and more today.

Deciding on the right equipment for you can be challenging, which is why our dedicated team are on hand to offer assistance. With extensive experience, they can advise you on the equipment you need. Contact Geezers today to get honest and impartial advice.