Freestanding Punchbags

Freestanding Punchbags

Sometimes, your gym or home won’t be right for hanging punchbags. It could be that you simply don’t have the space or that you are in a rented property and can’t make the necessary changes to hang a punching bag securely. If so, freestanding punchbags are the perfect solution. These punchbags come with a base that you fill with water or sand, keeping them securely on the floor as you go through your workout. Available in a variety of styles including the iconic BOB, you’ll easily find the right freestanding punch bag for you.
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  1. Century BOB Junior Punchbag
    Out of stock
  2. Century Cardio Wavemaster
    As low as £119.99
    Out of stock
  3. Century Original Wavemaster
    As low as £199.99
    Out of stock
  4. Century Wavemaster 2XL Pro Freestanding Punch Bag
    As low as £429.99
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  5. Geezers Heavy Equipment Anchor
    As low as £14.99
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    TITLE Boxing Cyclone Freestanding Bag
    was £199.99 Special Price £109.99
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    TITLE Freestanding Rapid Reflex Boxing Bar
    was £279.99 Special Price £159.99
  8. -25%
    TITLE Hydro-Flex H20 Bounce Back
    was £399.99 Special Price £299.99
  9. -21%
    TITLE Rapid-Reflex Boxing Bar Tri-Bag
    was £349.99 Special Price £274.99
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The best boxing freestanding bags

Freestanding boxing bags look great in any space, whether that’s at home or in your local gym. Once the base is filled with sand or water, they are challenging to move, meaning that they can withstand the rigorous boxing routine you will put them through. However, once they are empty, moving them to a new spot is easy, and they save valuable space for other key pieces of equipment.

When it comes to freestanding bags, there are two brands that’ll come to mind. The first is Century. Their range of boxing freestanding bags are some of the best, offering you a huge selection to choose from. The Century freestanding bags come in the traditional style as well as BOBs, so you can decide which style is best suited for your gym or home.

Another popular brand of freestanding punchbags is TITLE Boxing. The TITLE Boxing freestanding bags offer a huge variety of styles, from reflex bags to bounceback and torso bags. They are all available in the iconic and classic black with white text, making them stand out in your gym. Prices start from just £109.99 for a TITLE Boxing freestanding punchbag, so why wait?


Freestanding punch bags from Geezers Boxing

As the leading online boxing equipment retailer in the UK, we here at Geezers Boxing pride ourselves on the huge selection of brands we offer. With over 40 big names to choose from, you are sure to find the right piece of kit for your gym. We even have our own range of Geezers Boxing freestanding punchbag equipment for you to choose from if you so desire.

Shop the biggest and best brands in the world of boxing right here. With next working day delivery available at an extra cost when you order before 3 pm, you could even get your order shipped to you the very next day.

The right punchbag is a serious investment. You want one that will last and that is right for your needs. This is why our dedicated sales team are on hand to answer your questions. With extensive experience in the world of boxing, we are here to help. Call our sales team on 0844 8000 655 today to get honest and educated advice.