Leather Punchbags

Leather boxing bags are extremely durable and can be filled to a heavier weight. Their versatility makes them ideal for different techniques, whether you want to work on your punches, kicks, or combinations. These leather heavy bags are perfect for homes and gyms, and they are available in a variety of colours and styles. Opt for stylish black or go for a brown leather punch bag for that traditional and classic boxing bag.

Leather Punchbags

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  1. Fighting Sports Pro Leather Heavy Punchbag V2.0
    Regular Price £244.99 As low as £195.99
  2. -33%
    G-Boxing ID Gel Punchbag
    Regular Price £599.99 Special Price £399.99
  3. Geezers Elite Pro 3 in 1 Punch Bag
    As low as £144.99
  4. Geezers Elite Pro Gel Punchbag - 4ft
    As low as £319.99
  5. Geezers Elite Pro Gel Punchbag - 5ft
    As low as £399.99
  6. Geezers Elite Pro Gel Super Heavy Punchbag - 115KG
    As low as £549.99
  7. Geezers Elite Pro Impact Colossus Extra Heavy Leather Punchbag
    Regular Price £419.99 As low as £335.99
  8. Geezers Elite Pro Impact Leather Angle Punch Bag
    As low as £244.99
  9. Geezers Elite Pro Impact Leather Heavy Punch Bag - 4ft
    As low as £269.99
  10. Geezers Elite Pro Leather Headshot Wrecking Ball
    As low as £164.99
  11. Geezers Elite Pro Leather Super Heavy Wrecking Ball
    As low as £254.99
  12. Geezers Elite Pro Maize Punchbag - L
    As low as £139.99
  13. Geezers Elite Pro Maize Punchbag - S
    As low as £99.99
  14. Geezers Elite Pro Slip Bag
    As low as £39.99
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Items 1-20 of 34

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Heavy punch bags made from quality leather

When you think of leather punching bags you might think of the traditional shape, but the beauty of them is that they come in a variety of styles. With everything from brown leather punchbags to vibrant 3-in-1 boxing bags to choose from, you are sure to find the right bag for you. Unsure how best to fix your punchbag into your gym? We have a variety of brackets and fittings to make the process easier.

At Geezers, we pride ourselves on our selection. Why not check out the range of Geezers Boxing bags? This range will suit all skill levels, from beginners and amateurs to professionals and coaches. The right boxing bag can help you to up your game, so shop the range of leather punch bags for sale now.

Cleto Reyes is a recognised name in the world of boxing, and you’ll find that the collection of Cleto Reyes leather training bags are perfect for your needs. With heavy punch bags and specialist uppercut training punchbags to choose from, you’ll find your skills improve over time.


Buy leather boxing bags in the UK

As the leading online boxing equipment retailer, we here at Geezers Boxing offer a wide range of leather boxing bags for you to choose from. Whether you want the classic brown leather punch bag or you want something more vibrant for your gym, you’ll find it here.

All orders to the UK mainland placed before 3 pm are applicable for next working day delivery. Simply choose this option at checkout and you could have your order the very next day! Why wait for your order? You can place it now and have it tomorrow so order your leather punch bag in the UK.

Looking to stock up on supplies for your boxing club? We have an exclusive wholesale program for qualified applicants, so buy wholesale leather punchbags for the best deals.