Bar Face Headgear

A bar-faced head guard is simply a headgear with nose bar protection. The bar runs horizontally across the nose and offers the highest level of protection to the nose, eyes, cheeks and forehead. Headgear is a hugely important piece of equipment in boxing as it helps to prevent unnecessary damage during training.

Bar Face Headgear

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  1. Cleto Reyes Pointed Nylon Bar Headguard
    As low as £276.99
  2. Cleto Reyes Rounded Nylon Bar Headguard
    As low as £259.99
  3. Everlast MX Headgear
    As low as £199.99
    Out of stock
  4. Fighting Sports No Contact Headgear
    As low as £169.99
  5. Fly Superbar Headguard
    As low as £341.00
  6. Fly Superbar X Headguard
    As low as £159.99
  7. G-Boxing Italia Sparring Set

    As low as £809.97 Regular Price £899.97

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    Geezers Boxia Stallion Full Face Bar Headguard
    Regular Price £219.99 Special Price £175.99
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  9. Geezers Elite Pro Bar Faced Headguard
    As low as £99.99
  10. Phenom Boxing Elite FSHG-210D Professional Bar Headguard
    As low as £149.99
  11. Pro Mex Pro Facesaver Headguard 3.0
    Regular Price £119.99 As low as £79.99
  12. Ringside Legacy Series Bar Headguard
    As low as £194.99
    Out of stock
  13. Ringside Pinnacle Series Bar Headguard
    Regular Price £184.99 As low as £129.99
  14. Rival RHGFS3 Guerrero Facesaver Headgear
    As low as £99.99
  15. Venum Elite Iron Headgear
    As low as £139.99
  16. Winning FG-5000 Full Face Bar Headgear
    As low as £814.99
Set Descending Direction

19 Items

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High-Quality Boxing Head Guard With Nose Protection

Bar face headgear, also known as face saver headgear, offers the highest level of protection possible from a boxing head guard. It is a phenomenal piece of equipment to use during sparring, especially hard and competitive sparring to avoid damage like cuts, bruises or even nose breaks in the lead-up to a fight. Injuries obtained in the build-up to a fight can be devastating as they can put the fight in jeopardy. While cheek protector headguards do offer protection on either side of the nose to prevent nose injuries, they do not completely take away the risk like head guards with nose protection do.

A downside to this style of head guard is that the vision of the fighter can be impaired by the nose bar. The punches that are the hardest to see are uppercuts and 45 degree hooks. However, to many fighters, this is a minor inconvenience when taking into account the level of protection that the headgear with a nose bar offers. Your nose, eyes, cheeks and forehead are all covered by protective padding to ensure that you do not suffer any injuries during harder, competitive sparring rounds.


Buy Boxing Head Guards With Nose Protection

We stock an expansive variety of face-saver head guards. We stock all of the sports top brands such as Everlast and Fly as well as our high-quality Geezers Boxing Headguards. All head guards are made with the highest quality in mind to ensure maximum protection. 

We have a huge range of colours, brands and materials to ensure you find the right product for yourself. 

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