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One of the more recent tools for boxing coaching and training is the stick or paddle. Paddles and sticks are excellent for improving your accuracy and speed, working on combinations, and dodging various strikes and punches. The grip required to hold the paddles and sticks correctly means that trainers won’t feel the same amount of pressure on their hands, wrists, and shoulders, reducing the impact and allowing you to train for longer. They take up very little space in boxing kit bags, so why not add them to your collection now?

Paddles & Sticks

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  • What are boxing paddles for?
  • Are boxing paddles better than pads?
  • How do punch sticks work?

Why use boxing training sticks?

Sometimes referred to as punching sticks or punch paddles, these training tools have a variety of uses to help improve your game. They are popular with coaches and trainers as they can be easily stored away, making training on the go so much easier with the right tools

The best boxing paddles can be manoeuvred into a variety of positions, giving you the edge in competitions. They have been proven to give you better precision and speed, as well as greater accuracy. Some of the best boxing coaches will also use them to improve the defensive skills of their players, giving them a greater performance in all areas of competition.

Using a punching stick is often best for teaching the right moves to avoid strikes. Many coaches will use them to teach their boxers how to effectively duck under a punch or dodge out of the way. They can also be used to strike the boxer, improving their deflection of blows with greater ease. Many find that boxing paddles and sticks are ideal for replacing hook and jab pads, while others use them in addition for the full experience.


The best boxing paddles in the UK

When it comes to the boxing equipment you need, you want to buy from brands you can trust. That is why we stock the boxing brands known for delivering quality time and time again. One of the most popular brands on Geezers Boxing is Adidas, and they have a great selection of Adidas precision striking sticks and target paddles to choose from.

If you are unsure about whether paddles and sticks are a good investment for your kit bag, our dedicated team is on hand to help. You can contact us to receive honest advice from the leading online boxing equipment retailer in the UK.

Whether you are based in the UK mainland or you live further afield, we offer a range of delivery options to suit your needs. Worldwide delivery is available, so select that option at the checkout for a service you won’t be able to beat!