Boxing Coaching Equipment

Boxing Coaching Equipment

When it comes to boxing, coaches have an important role. They are mentors, supporting their trainees and helping them become the best that they can be. There are so many different types of coaches, which is why here at Geezers Boxing we have everything you need. Our boxing coach equipment includes pads, timers, body protectors, and other coaching accessories, so shop the range now.
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  1. 4Sport Instant Ice Packs
    As low as £1.99
  2. 4Sport Pro Hand Wrap Kit
  3. 4Sport Taping Kit
  4. Adidas Combat Focus Mitts
  5. Adidas Curved Kick Shield
  6. -11%
    Adidas Flat Precision Striking Sticks - Black/White
    Regular Price £34.99 Special Price £30.99
  7. Adidas Pro Leather Focus Boxing Mitt
    As low as £64.99
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    Adidas Rounded Pro Punch Cushion
    Regular Price £99.99 Special Price £89.99
    Out of stock
  9. Adidas Speed Mesh Focus Mitts
    As low as £34.99
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    Adidas Ultimate Classic Air Boxing Pads
    Regular Price £94.99 Special Price £89.99
  11. Cleto Reyes Body Protector
  12. Cleto Reyes Boxing Glove Wall Clock
    As low as £99.99
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  • What makes a good boxing coach?
  • What should be inside a first aid kid?
  • What does padwork do in boxing?
  • What does a chest protector do?
  • What are Thai Pads made of?

The boxing training aids you need

In boxing, coaching is essential. They can push you to up your game and bring out your best performance. Any coaches looking to stock up on the essentials for their kit will want to check out our selection. With everything from first aid kits to boxing pads, you’ll find everything you need in one place.

Pads and body protectors help to protect your body during a sparring match, helping your trainee learn the best way to fight and land a punch. By using pads, you will reduce injuries. Gym timers are another great tool you should invest in, as they can help you time rounds as part of training. 

Cornerman and coaching bags are some of the best tools, as they have plenty of space for you to store your equipment and coaching accessories. You can store full first aid kits as well as hand wraps and other essential items in one place. The bags are easy to carry and available in a variety of styles, making it easy for you to carry the equipment you need.


The best coaching accessories in the UK

At Geezers Boxing, we pride ourselves on the extensive collection of boxing brands. From Adidas to Empire and more, you’ll find the best boxing coaching brands to choose from. Get the best punch mitts to help your trainees speed up their punches or buy high-quality body protectors to keep them safe in the ring during training sessions.

Whatever it is that you need, you’ll find it all here. As one of the leading online boxing equipment retailers in the UK, we can help you get the things you need quickly and easily. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact our team for honest and educated advice.

Orders over £70 get free UK mainland delivery. Stock up on everything you need for your coaching bag now and save on delivery with this special offer.