Strike Shields

Strike shields go by a number of different names, such as boxing shields, punch shields, and kick shields. They are popular pieces of equipment for a range of combat sports, though boxing coaches and trainers find them particularly useful for working on power shots. The large targets and handles make them ideal for coaches interested in improving their boxers’ skills, as they can absorb punches with ease. With a variety of styles available to suit your needs, you’ll find what you are looking for here at Geezers Boxing.

Strike Shields

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  1. Adidas Curved Kick Shield
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    Adidas Rounded Pro Punch Cushion
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  3. Cleto Reyes Punch Cushion
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  4. Fly Air Punch Shield
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    Geezers Elite Pro Angled Punch Cushion
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  6. Geezers Elite Pro Mini Mexican Punch Cushion - XS
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  7. Geezers Pro Punch Cushion
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  8. Phenom Boxing PS-200 Pro Punch Shield
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  9. Ringside ProTect G1 Circular Punch Pad 14"
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  10. Ringside ProTect G1 Circular Punch Pad 16"
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  11. Rival RPS7-Fitness+ Punch Shield
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  12. Winning CM-90 Drum Mitt
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  • What are boxing strike shields?
  • How do you hold a boxing strike shield?

The best selection of punching shields

Depending on the type of training you want to complete, you’ll find different options of strike shields to choose from. A large curved boxing shield provides your boxer with a larger target area to hit. This is perfect for amateur boxers looking to take their skills to the professional level, as they can focus on hitting the centre of the target, but any blows that go off course will still be cushioned.

Circular punch cushions can be more easily moved, although they are typically smaller in size. This requires greater accuracy for landing punches, making them a great way to improve your speed and agility in the ring. As they can be moved, you can practice both high and low punches.

Some punch cushions are rounded and angled. This makes landing a direct hit more of a challenge, so if you need to work on your precision strikes, they are a great option to choose. These boxing shield pads can be held in a number of different ways, and the versatility means your boxers can practice combinations with ease.


Find boxing shield pads in the UK

We are the leading online boxing equipment retailer in the UK with a huge selection of brands for you to choose from. It can be difficult deciding which equipment is right for you, but you will always want to choose a brand you can trust.

At Geezers, we have our own Geezers Boxing punching shields to choose from, as well as strike shields from the biggest brands such as Adidas and Everlast. Take a look at the range now and you will easily be able to find what you are looking for.

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