Wrestling Shoes Vs Boxing Boots: Which Are Best & Why?

Wrestling Shoes Vs Boxing Boots: Which Are Best & Why?

Boxing boots and wrestling shoes both look very similar and can therefore often be mistaken for each other. While they are very similar in looks, they are both structured and constructed very differently, making them particularly beneficial for their intended sport. 

While there are some fundamental differences, many boxers prefer how wrestling boots feel and look compared to boxing boots. 

In this article, we will detail what exactly boxing boots and wrestling boots are, their benefits and how they differ from one another. 


What Are Boxing Boots

Boxing boots are a very specialised form of footwear that is designed for boxers to wear during both training and competition. They are typically designed to be lightweight, supportive and grippy to allow fighters to be agile and mobile in the ring. 

They typically feature effective ventilation, durable ankle support, and underfoot padding to ensure a fighter is as comfortable as possible within the ring. However, all different types and brands of boxing boots have their intricacies and features that make them differ from the rest. 


Benefits Of Boxing Boots 

There are a huge amount of benefits of boxing boots. These benefits not only come from the general features but also are enhanced by the innovation and technology that has been developed for boxing boots over the years. Today, boxing equipment such as footwear it at the highest level of innovation.

  • Balance - Balance is a hugely important aspect of boxing. It is what helps you to generate punch power and also be able to take punches much better. Therefore, it is incredibly important for boxing boots to help support your balance through very thin yet comfortable soles. 
  • Ankle Support - Ankle injuries can hugely impact a fighter and it is not uncommon for fighters to lose their footing and roll their ankles. However, high-quality boxing boots feature incredible ankle support to help fighters avoid these injuries. 
  • Grip - Grip is hugely important for fighters. This is because their movement is one of the most important parts of a fight. If fighters are constantly losing their footing then they would struggle to put together combinations or have power behind their shots. 
  • Comfort - During both training and competition fighters need to be comfortable. They do not want to have to worry about anything other than their shots and defensive movement. Therefore having the most comfortable boots and clothing allows them to feel and then perform at their best. 
  • Lightweight - Boxing boots are designed to be as lightweight as possible. This is so that they can feel as natural and as comfortable as possible on a fighter's foot. It also allows the fighters to be extremely agile and move fast around the ring. 


What Are Wrestling Boots? 

Similarly to boxing boots, wrestling boots are specialised footwear that are carefully designed for wrestlers to wear during both competition and training. Wrestling is a sport that involves a huge amount of dynamic movement, which is why wrestling boots are typically high cut, snug fitting non-slip soles and also incredible ankle support. 

Wrestling shoes are often made with extremely durable and comfortable materials so that wrestlers can have the robustness they need but also the comfortability. They allow wrestlers to perform extreme techniques while also reducing the risk of injuries. 


Wrestling Boot Benefits 

Similarly to boxing boots, wrestling boots offer a wrestler a huge amount of amazing benefits. These benefits are hugely important due to the intense complexity and movement that is involved. The huge amount of wrestling boot benefits called

  • Lightweight - Wrestling involves a lot of explosive movements and therefore having the lightest boots is important. Their lightweight nature allows a more natural and comfortable feel during competition. 
  • Improved Traction - Wrestling shoes all have very grippy soles to help improve the traction of wrestlers during competition. This grip and traction help wrestlers to be able to keep their footing and not slip because slips can put wrestlers into tough and vulnerable positions. 
  • Ankle Support - Ankle injuries are pretty common in wrestling due to the constant dynamic movement that is involved in wrestling. Wrestling boots feature a huge amount of ankle support that helps to prevent the chance of unwanted ankle injuries. 
  • Comfort - As in all sports comfort is hugely important to ensure that wrestlers can perform at their best. Having the most comfortable wrestling shoes allows fighters to be able to perform without any discomfort from the equipment they are wearing. 


What Are The Similarities & Differences Between Wresting Boots & Boxing Boots 

Both wrestling boots and boxing boots are very similar. That is why so many boxers opt for a more wrestling-style boot and some wrestlers opt for more of a boxing boot. However, there are some fundamental differences between the two. 

The main difference between the two is the sport that they intended to be used for. While the sports have some similarities, they are completely different. Therefore, their footwear needs to have some differences. 



Wrestling shoes are usually lower cut and offer more flexibility than boxing boots. This is because wrestling requires far more flexibility than boxing. This is also the reason why a lot of boxers choose to wear wrestling boots, as they like the extra flexibility. 

Boxing boots are more stiff and supportive for ankles to help fighters keep their footing and their balance. This is so that fighters do not have to worry about their footing and can actually use their footwork to help throw combinations and put power behind their shots. 



Another difference between the two is their manoeuvrability. Wrestling shoes are designed to promote agility and grip on the wrestling mat, whereas boxing boots are designed to prioritise manoeuvrability for more boxing-specific movements. 

This is because the movements within the two sports are very different. Wrestling is more about fast twitch explosive movements. Whereas boxing is more calculated and technical movements to cut off the ring to make it easier to throw shots. 


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