Water Punch Bags Vs Heavy Bags: Which Is Best?

Water Punch Bags Vs Heavy Bags: Which Is Best?

Heavy bags have been an integral feature in boxing since the early 1900s and have been used by pretty much every professional boxer and world champion ever since. When thinking about heavy bags it is hard to forget Mike Tyson’s fierce training, or Muhammad Ali knocking the life out of the bag. These incredibly hard and heavy punch bags have always and will always play an integral role in boxing training. 

However, in recent years there has been a huge surge in the popularity of a newer style of punch bag, the water punch bag. These bags offer a new feel and a new shape that has become a favourite amongst many big-name fighters. You will commonly see world champions such as Canelo Alvarez, Tyson Fury, Shakur Stevenson, Ryan Garcia and so many more utilising these amazing bags in their training. 

In this article, we will take a look at both the old school and the new school boxing bags to see what their advantages are, what their disadvantages are and also which is the best for you. 


What Are Water Punch Bags

Water punch bags are a new style of punching bag that has skyrocketed onto the scene in the last 5 years. While these punch bags have been around for a decent amount of time, their popularity has only grown to where it is today in recent years. 

Aqua punch bags, also known as water punch bags, have been designed as the perfect training tools for boxers, trainers, professional fighters and your everyday fitness enthusiasts. These bags are filled using water as opposed to the typical sand or foam filling to allow for more flexibility and also better replicate the feeling of striking a real human body. 


Advantages Of Water Punch Bags

These aqua punch bags have a huge amount of benefits that have helped incredibly with their impressive rise in popularity. These punch bags are extremely effective at helping to improve the training of fighters and fitness fanatics thanks to benefits such as: 

Flexibility - The shell of these water-filled aqua bags has much more flexibility than a typical punch bag and is therefore able to absorb the power of a punch much more effectively. This means that nowhere on the bag will have the hard spots that are very common with foam or sand-filled punching bags. Therefore, punching these water bags will feel far more comfortable and stable. 

Easy Filling - As these punch bags are filled with water, they are extremely easy to fill and also extremely easy to empty. With these bags weighing up to 90kg when filled, you would think that moving them would be very difficult. However, you are easily able to drain the bags of their water to move the bag's locations and then can simply fill the bag back up very quickly in a whole new location. 

Real Feel - The compositions of these water-filled punch bags create a sensation that is similar to striking the body of a human. This therefore gives these bags an incredibly unique and ‘real’ feel that you cannot get from a traditional leather or PU punchbag. This is just one of the many reasons why professional fighters love these aqua punch bags. 

Less Impact - Since these water-filled bags are far more flexible than traditional heavy bags, they are much better at absorbing the kinetic energy created by punches. This therefore helps to take a huge stress load off of your bones and joints which can then lower the risk of injuries. The less impact that your body takes, the longer and harder you can train without any risks. 

Effective Shape - A vast majority of water punch bags come in a teardrop-like shape. While this is not a typical punch bag shape, it is a shape that allows you to effectively throw and work on a variety of different shots. The best punches that you can work on with this shape are uppercuts. This therefore allows you to work on much more advanced and extended combinations. 

All-Weather Training - Unlike a huge majority of other punching bag styles, aqua bags are designed to be used both indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions. High-quality aqua bags are all UV and weather-resistant and can therefore be hung outside for outdoor use. While this is not necessary for a lot of bags, it is perfect for homes that lack space but are looking for a quality at-home punching bag. 

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Disadvantages Of Aqua Punch Bags 

Potential Of Leaking - While most aqua punch bags are created with the highest quality materials, there is still always the possibility of accidents causing damage to the bag. Because of the weight of the bags, if any damage does occur then it can be very hard to mend and repair. However, if you are purchasing a high-quality aqua bag then you should not have to worry about such possibilities. 

Requires A Large Amount Of Space - As with all punch bags, water-filled bags require a large amount of room to be able to use effectively. However, this is the case with pretty much all punching bags. If you want to be able to easily move around the bag while throwing punches then you will need a decent amount of unobstructed space. 

Potential Of Rolling Wrist - When using any punch bag you need to throw your punches with the correct technique to avoid injury. If you are throwing very loose and sloppy punches then there is the potential of rolling your wrist and causing injuries. However, this can be avoided by making sure that you are always throwing punches, especially more powerful punches, with the correct technique. 


Who Should Use These Punch Bags? 

  • Professional fighters 
  • Fighters who are prone to wrist, joint or bone injuries 
  • Fighters looking to practise extended combinations 
  • Fighters who want a more ‘real’ feel when throwing punches 
  • Fitness enthusiastic looking for a great full-body workout 
  • Boxing gyms that are looking for an easy-to-fill and easy-to-move bag


What Are Heavy Bags 

Heavy bags have been a crucial feature of a boxer's training since the early 1900s and have been used by countless world champions and professionals. Because of this, you will not walk into a boxing gym anywhere in the world that does not have a heavy bag. 

Heavy bags are typically large punching bags that are filled to the brim with around 60-80kg of tightly packed textile material. This filling helps to make these bags incredibly hard and incredibly sturdy. The bags become even more dense the more that they get hit and are designed to be extremely hard-wearing and to withstand a huge amount of punishment. 


Advantages Of Heavy Bags 

Heavy bags have been used by boxers for centuries, and it is clear to see why. These types of punching bags have a huge amount of amazing benefits that make them extremely effective for boxers of all abilities. These benefits are: 

Hand Conditioning - Hand injuries are extremely common in boxing. Heavy bags offer a very effective way of helping to improve the conditioning of your hands to help avoid unwanted injuries. When hitting a heavy bag and using proper technique you can dig your knuckles into the bag with every punch and help build the durability of your hands. However, it is important to make sure you are using the proper technique so that you do not risk injuring yourself. 

Hard Wearing - It is fair to say that heavy bags are undoubtedly the most durable punching bags that you can find. That is because they are so densely packed and are designed to withstand years of constant battering. You will not have to worry about splitting or damaging the bag as they are also designed to withstand kicks knees and elbows that commonly occur in other combat sport disciplines. 

Limited Movement - Due to their extremely heavy weight, when throwing extremely hard punches, the bag will hardly move. This allows fighters to stand there and throw punches without having to chase around the bag. While this does not allow fighters to work so much on their movement, it does allow fighters to work on their combinations and power punches without having to worry about the bag movement. 

Help Build Muscular Endurance - When taking part in a heavy bag training session all of the muscles in your arms, shoulders, back, legs and core are all fully engaged. Therefore consistent heavy bag work will help to improve the endurance of all these muscle groups. This will be extremely important come fight night as this will allow your body to be fully conditioned to last as long as the fight goes on. 

Improves strength & Power - Strength and power are two incredibly important attributes for a fighter. Consistent heavy bag work will help you to increase both of these while also ensuring you maintain the proper technique. Heavybags allow you to practise your punching with the greatest possible force and will therefore help to effectively increase the strength and power of your upper body. 

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Disadvantages of Heavy Bags 

Limited Shot Selection - Due to the traditional shape of a heavy bag, the variety of punches that you can effectively practise can be very limited. While these bags are extremely effective for practising your jab, backhand punches, and hooks you will struggle to throw shots such as uppercuts due to the shape of the boxing bag. This therefore makes it difficult to practise extended combinations and can therefore limit your shot selection. 

Potential Injuries - Heavy bags are incredibly heavy and dense, if you are throwing punches with incorrect technique then there is a high chance of injury. If you are throwing punches with a sloppy fist or a loose wrist then there is a good chance that you will roll your punch and potentially cause wrist damage. However, if you are keeping your technique as it should be, then you will not need to worry about potential injuries. 

Poor Distance Control - To some fighters, continuously practising distance control is very important. However, It can be difficult to do this on a heavy bag due to their weight and their lack of movement. Some fighters find that heavy bags allow them to be too static and prefer a bag with a little more movement so they have to think more about distance and the range in which they are throwing their shots.


Who Should Use These Punch Bags? 

  • Professional Fighters 
  • Fighters looking to improve their punch power 
  • Fighters looking to increase muscular endurance 
  • Boxing gyms looking for a high-quality piece of equipment 
  • Fighters looking to condition their hands 
  • Anyone looking for an amazing full-body workout 


Which Punch Bag Is Best For Me? 

It is impossible to say that one is better than the other. Both aqua punch bags and heavy bags are extremely effective and are a favourite amongst a huge number of top fighters. That is because both bags have a huge amount of uses and benefits that help fighters to both sharpen and advance their skills. They are both incredible pieces of boxing equipment that are perfect for boxers of all abilities. This is why you will often find them both in most boxing gyms.