Coachspar Gloves

Coachspar Gloves

Coach spar gloves are essential for any coach looking to update their kit bag. These coaching gloves combine a padded mitt with a boxing glove, allowing you to help those you are training in perfecting their fighting offence and defence in one go. There is a padded target zone on the palms, providing your boxer with a distinct target to aim for. The glove also then allows for you to counterattack, making your boxer work that little bit harder to avoid strikes. They are excellent for giving your boxer a more realistic fighting experience.
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Which coaching mitts should you choose?

Coach sparring gloves come in a range of different styles and designs, so no matter your style of boxing, you can find the right pair for you. The vast majority of coaching mitts come with extra padding on the palm so that you can use this area as a target for your boxer to aim for. Other types are dual-purpose, providing a clearer target, sometimes detachable, on the palm. As the target is usually larger with these designs, they make a great choice for boxers who are looking to move from the amateur level to a professional skill set. Anyone hoping to improve speed, agility, and accuracy will find that boxing pad gloves and coaching spar gloves are the perfect tools to use. By combining a target into the glove, you will save valuable space in your kit bag for other essential items. Plus, they give you a more active role in boxing training. Instead of simply being a target, you can take a more direct involvement in their development, allowing them to improve their skills in a number of different ways.

Boxing pad gloves are available today in the UK

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