Thai Boxing Gloves

Thai boxing gloves, also known as Muay Thai gloves, can be used for both regular boxing training and sparring. They have a different design from standard gloves, so while they can be used in your normal boxing routine and workout, you will find that the style is suited for Thai boxing. At Geezers Boxing, we pride ourselves on stocking the widest selection of the best names in boxing, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

Thai Boxing Gloves

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  • What is the difference between boxing and Thai boxing?
  • Can I use boxing gloves for Thai boxing?

What are Thai boxing gloves?

Thai boxing gloves look different to other types of boxing gloves. One of the first things you’ll notice is that the gloves are shorter in appearance. The material also tends to be more flexible, allowing more movement during a sparring match or a competition.

The distribution of padding on Thai boxing gear is also different. You’ll find that there is more padding on the back of the hands, providing the much-needed protection required for this area, which is used a lot during Thai boxing for things like spinning backhands.

The additional flexibility in the gloves means that you can grab better with Muay Thai gloves. Clinch work is a vital part of Muay Thai fights, and so having the right gloves to use will make a huge difference not only to your combat style but also to the protection you have during fights.


Buy Muay Thai gloves UK

You’ll often find that you need to buy gloves for all occasions, from sparring gloves to Muay Thai gloves. Having the right gloves for the type of boxing or fighting you are taking part in will make sure you and your partner have the right protection. Without it, you could both be at risk of injury.

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